Katherine Mansfield, Prelude

Katherine Mansfield’s story ‘Prelude’ is seventh on my reading list but I decided to read it first because it’s a short story. Now for those of you who haven’t read it, what have you been doing? I first came across Katherine Mansfield while I was trying to find books by Virginia Woolf on Google. Google suggested to me similar authors and this is exactly how I came across Mansfield.

After doing some research about Mansfield¬†¬†I came across¬†¬†The Global Life of New Zealanders¬† ¬† and found that Woolf was jealous of Mansfield’s work.¬†¬†If the very talented Virginia Woolf was jealous well then there¬†must have been¬†a very good reason.

Now after reading the Prelude I can¬† understand why Woolf was jealous and experienced a little something of the¬†green-eyed monster myself. Mansfields story¬† captures the characters emotions and portrays them through beautiful writing. She makes the story¬† relatable¬† to what we’ve all experienced¬†in our own lives.¬†I particularly enjoyed¬† the opening of Chapter 5, “Dawn came sharp and chill with red clouds on a faint green sky and drops of water on every leaf and blade”¬† (p.24).¬†¬†I also found most of the story quite funny as well. In particular later on¬†in the story when¬†we learn about the¬†truth about Beryls’ affection for Stanley.

A lot ¬†of the story will make you laugh and¬†I definitely recommend that you take out time to read it because I’ll definetly be reading it again.

Information about the book discussed:

Mansfield, K. (2001) The Collected Stories. London: Penguin Books. Pp.11-60.


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