To the Lighthouse – Virginia Woolf


Publisher: Penguin Ltd.


What has taken me so long to read this? I was multi-tasking, reading Joyce’s Ulysses as well as this. Reading Ulysses in chunks is better than reading it all in one go because it’s quite exhausting. Back to Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse, I’m going to keep this review short and sweet. The book made me want to visit the Isle of Skye,  Scotland. Woolf’s vivid description of the landscape is so detailed that you almost feel like you’re there looking at the scenery. What I really liked was the use of different narratives (perspectives). Although at first I felt slightly confused but as I gradually got further into the book  the more I got used to it.  I love Woolf’s style and the way she brings each of her characters to life. Lets just say I’m a fan of her work and If I ever got stuck on a desert island somewhere this is one of the books I  hope I’d have on me so that I could read it again and again.


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