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Book Challenge, Joyce’s Ulysses

James Joyce's Ulysses is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written, or so I've heard. I had been trying to read it and last year I managed to get quite far into it, but for some reason I got distracted and started reading other books, books that didn't make my head hurt as… Continue reading Book Challenge, Joyce’s Ulysses

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The 100 Day 21 – Kass Morgan

The 100 Day 21 is published by Hodder & Stoughton. In Kass Morgan's Day 21, a sequel to The 100, she follows the story of the hundred who have landed on Earth. It's been 21 days since their landing on Earth, they think they're the only humans on Earth. They are wrong. The hundred are facing an unknown… Continue reading The 100 Day 21 – Kass Morgan


Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad

"Conrad's narrator Marlow, a seaman and wanderer, recounts his physical and psychological journey in search of the infamous ivory trader Kurtz: dying, insane, and guilty of unspeakable atrocities. Travelling upriver to the heart of the African continent, he gradually becomes obsessed by this enigmatic, wraith-like figure. Marlow's discovery of how Kurtz has gained his position… Continue reading Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad


To the Lighthouse – Virginia Woolf

    What has taken me so long to read this? I was multi-tasking, reading Joyce's Ulysses as well as this. Reading Ulysses in chunks is better than reading it all in one go because it's quite exhausting. Back to Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse, I'm going to keep this review short and sweet. The book… Continue reading To the Lighthouse – Virginia Woolf